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My Fibro Journey

1. When were you diagnosed?
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2015, my pain was rather debilitating at this point. Though my Neurologist is able to treat me somewhat successfully with a variety of medications. But by this point though it was hard for me to be able to attend college regularly.
2. When did your symptoms start?
My symptoms started in around 2010 after I fell and broke my kneecap in summer gym ice-skating. I originally thought that my pain was the result of the fall and stemming from the newly acquired break in my kneecap. Though as time went by and the break healed, the widespread pain stayed. I tried to tell my parents and doctors that I was in a lot of pain still, but it got passed off as growing pains until recently.
3. What was the biggest change you had to make?
The biggest change I had to make was learning to take my time and pace myself throughout the activities I have to do. Before I got as sick as this I used to just do whatever I felt like. I could mostly keep…

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