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Goodbye 2018! Hopeful for 2019

This year has been a hell of an roller coaster ride. 
First I got my port, which has allowed easier access for me to be able to have medicine, fluids and lab draws done. Not to be overly dramatic, but my port has done me a lot of good and made me feel a bit safer if I need urgent access. I got it because I have poor veins and had IVs just about anywhere they can be placed. I’ve also had a few medical crises where they struggled to get normal IV access in the ER (before my port placement). 
For example I had a HIDA scan for my Gallbladder, I had a odd reaction to the medicine that forces your Gallbladder to contract. For whatever reason, the discomfort from the medicine progressed into intense pain to the point the nurses immediately took me to the ER when my scan was completed. In the ER they struggled to get IV access to give me medicine and fluids to flush out the Gallbladder medicine. 
It took five different nurses before they were able to start an IV. Though they were also rep…

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