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Hospital Hell Part 1

So as I said in my last post awhile back, I went back to Cleveland Clinic on 2/14/18 to figure out what the next steps were for treating my severe Gastroparesis. I live two and a half hours away from Cleveland, so it’s not a trek that my dad and I take lightly. Originally at my first appointment we had agreed to do something called a Smart Pill. I would eat it and wear a box similar to what you do for a Holter Monitor, and then box would record how long it would stay in my stomach and each segment of my intestines. Basically it’s like the high tech version of a Gastric Emptying Study, to see if we could pinpoint a problem somewhere specifically in my GI tract other than my stomach. Unfortunately that never got approved through insurance, it actually got denied five times.
So my dad and I met with my doctor there (I’m not going to say names). Currently I do have to say that I am in a pretty terrible place with my nutrition though. Generally I eat less than 500 calories on my own and d…

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