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I'm Engaged!

So as you’ve seen over the last couple blog posts that I went to Ireland and it was an absolutely amazing trip that I’ll never forget. One of the final places we went to was the Titanic Museum in Belfast. This was the part of the trip that I was excited for the most. When we got off the bus and I got into my wheelchair, I was pretty much jumping out of my skin I was so excited.

But because I was so excited to see the museum, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Jonathan was acting strangely. And the Titanic Museum being a huge tourist attraction, at the front door you have the option of taking pictures at a green screen. We got our picture taken and we stood there smiling a minute more because Jonathan’s dad was behind the camera lady taking pictures of us.
And Jonathan suddenly asked me if I’m having a good time and obviously I say yes I am and he just starts smiling and said well it’s about to get even better.

And in typical me fashion, I just stare at him in shock and cr…

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