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Wheelchair Adventures in the Airport (Story Time)

So before this trip a couple months ago, one of my requirements were that I had to get medically cleared by my rheumatologist (the doctor mainly involved in my care) to leave the country. I had to make sure that my vitamin levels were okay, that my blood counts were high enough and that I had enough medication to get though the trip. I also had to schedule a steroid injection because it’s one of the things keeping my Arthritis in check. 
A thing my Rheum and I discussed, was getting me a wheelchair before the trip. I have bad hips, between my arthritis and my EDS causing subluxations in my hips I can’t walk long distances because of the pain. And this trip was going to be lots and lots of walking. He suggested I should look in to getting one, thus starting the long search for a medical supply store that had good quality chairs. Which I did eventually find a nice compact lightweight chair that wasn’t too expensive.

This is a story time post for all the weird adventures I had with my…

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