Chronic Illness Challenge Day 6

This strictly applies to my EDS diagnosis. If I could go back in time and tell myself to pay more attention to my joint pain and other miscellaneous symptoms my life might’ve been a bit better overall. If I had just gotten over myself and looked up EDS sooner I feel like I would be more confident in my ability to adapt to different things. Like if I got my Silver Ring Splints while I was still in high school I would feel more confident in my ability to grab things and do various other tasks with my hands. I would try to be more proactive in caring for my joint health too. Though because I’m only twenty I can adapt and change more so than an older adult. (No offense to anyone.)

Another thing I would tell myself is to not let the doctors treat me badly. With all my chronic illnesses it has really showed me the “darker” side of health care. If you see your doctor once or twice a year they could secretly be a horrible, mean person and you might not even know. But if you see your doctor often, like maybe every couple weeks then you really know if they are on your side or not. If you’re consistently seeing them and they just seem to get more mad each time you visit them you should find a new doctor. Never let the doctors treat you like you’re crazy, you don’t need that kind of negativity being sick is hard enough as it is.


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