Chronic Illness Challenge Day 8

Where do you see yourself in five years?

To me that seems like such a deep question, because even though I’m sick I have big hopes for my future. In five years I’m hoping I’ll have graduated from nursing school and have found a job at Children’s, OSU, an oncologists office or an infusion center. I really want to actually be oncology certified nurse but that will take time even after I’m out of school to get but I’m hopeful.

Another big goal I hope to have filled by then is getting a service dog because I get dizzy so often I feel like a service dog would broaden my horizons. And it would make me feel safer when I have to be alone in case I fall and hurt myself when my boyfriend isn’t home. I understand it would be difficult to have a service dog and work as a nurse but I feel like I can make it work somehow. I’m not sure how but I’m really going to try.

And In five years I’m really hoping I have traveled to Japan once. I love Japan the culture and just everything is so different from America. I’ve been in love with all things Japanese since I was eleven or so. When I manage to go to Japan I really also want to see the ramen museum, I think it is one of the most random things I’ve ever heard of. But I also really, really like ramen. I’m hoping to go to Japan several times before I die because one trip just wouldn’t be enough.


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