Chronic Illness Challenge Day 9

Sorry if I have interpreted this wrong and supplements aren’t considered and alternative therapy I wasn’t sure if they were or not.

I have tried a couple alternative therapies and I feel like they are beneficial to me. I see a chiropractor regularly and I take several supplements.

 Chiropractic care has done wonders for me. Though it obviously hasn’t fixed all my problems I would say it has really improved my life. When my chiropractor showed me the x-rays of my spine he showed where several of my neck vertebrae were out of alignment and that those vertebrae being out probably contribute to my migraines. Though we have established that because I still get migraines after being adjusted that there are underlying chemical imbalances in my brain. Several of my thoracic vertebrae were also out of alignment but they were twisted to the side, which caused a portion of my rib cage to be shoved into my lung. That contributed to my shortness of breath even though I would be taking my asthma medication regularly.

I’ve been going to my chiropractor for about seven years now, maybe more I’m not entirely sure. If you have persistent symptoms that won’t go away with medication I would really recommend that you try going to a chiropractor. And I will warn you that the first couple of adjustments can be somewhat unpleasant. I would also recommend using cold and/or hot packs after your first adjustments when you get sore. And drink two or more eight-ounce glasses of water after adjustments.

As for supplements I take GNC’s Ultra Probiotic Complex Plus Immune, Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract, Vitacost’s Alpha Lipoic Acid/Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL and Caltrate Calcium/ Vitamin D gummies.

The probiotic also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Echinacea, Zinc and Elderberry. I would say that I have gotten less colds and minor illnesses since I started taking these. Though sometimes they make me a little nauseous but that could be a minor interaction with my prescription medications.

The Green Tea Extract and the Alpha Lipoic Acid/Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL I’ve only been taking for maybe three months. I haven’t noticed any odd reactions with my prescription medications. I started taking these because I read articles that they improve focus and give you energy. I think they’re working I’ve been able to do more than usual.

And lastly I started taking the Caltrate gummies because my Mom has osteopenia and I’m trying to keep my bones strong. I also take them because I don’t go out in the sunlight very often, but they taste really good almost like candy. Each bottle has the same three flavors in it black cherry, orange and strawberry.


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