Introducing PillDrill

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

So ladies and gents I’m here to introduce you to PillDrill! In short it’s an electronic pill reminder, but it has many more useful functions than that. It’s capable of giving you visual and audio alerts to remind you to take your medication, you can record how you’re feeling, and it can remind you if you’ve already taken a medication or not. It can also tell any important parties, such as your doctor or family members that you’ve taken your medication.

Because PillDrill has many functions it could be a very useful device for someone who takes a lot of medication.  Or it could be very helpful for an older adult who takes medication, but wants to stay independent. Or it could also be useful for those who could need to track their mood response to a certain medication. It could also serve as a guide to help your doctor monitor your responses to more complex mixtures of medications.

The PillDrill does all of these things by scanning various components of the device over the PillDrill Hub. So let’s explore the various parts of the device so you can get a feel for how it works. PillDrill is made up of four physical components and it also comes with an optional app.

·      Hub: it’s the main part of PillDrill and provides you with the visual and audio reminders and is also where you scan medications and the system will mark that you’ve taken the drug.

·      Pill Strip: It’s like a traditional pill holder but better. You’ll fill each cube with the medicine you’ll need for that day/time. Then when it’s time to take those medications you’ll scan the medication cube over the hub and it will track your medication intake. And the pill strips can be conformed to how you take your medications so you aren’t stuck with numerous traditional pill strips.

·      Scanning Tags: You can apply these tags to pill bottles so you can scan them over the hub to remember if you’ve taken them or not. The PillDrill comes with 12 tags that you can stick to pill bottles. These would be very helpful for medications that you only need to take ‘as needed’ such as pain medication. Or for temporary medications such as antibiotics.

·      Mood Cube: Lastly we have the mood cube; it’s a simple little cube with faces indicating Great, Good, Okay, Bad and Awful. This will let you track trends in your mood so you can communicate trends more easily to loved ones and doctors.  

·      The App: The app will let loved ones see how you feel and see if you’re adhering to your medication schedule. But you can also use the app to log medication intake for yourself. And also receive medication reminders if you aren’t at home.

So maybe after reading my post you want to get a PillDrill for yourself or a loved one. You can purchase one from PillDrill's website or you can buy it online from CVS. You can also buy additional scanning tags and pill strips from their website.


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