EDS Awareness Month Blog Challenge!

Hello my lovely readers and fellow zebras! As most of you know May is EDS Awareness Month. In preparation for tomorrow being the first of May I tried to track down a blog challenge that I could do for this month. I looked all over the internet, including Pinterest but I couldn't find anything, so I have been camped out in front of my computer for almost two hours writing a blog challenge. I'll be participating in my own challenge and I hope others will join me. If you choose to participate, link your blog in the comments so I can read your posts. 

1. Introduce yourself and explain what type of EDS you have.
2. What other illnesses do you have that are related to your EDS?
3. How long did it take you to get your diagnosis? How many doctors did you see?
4. What do you want newly diagnosed EDS-ers to know?
5. How have you adapted to your diagnosis?
6. How has EDS changed your life for the better?
7. What are your top 5 coping tips?
8. What are your top 5 goals that you want to accomplish despite your chronic illness(es)?
9. How do you stay motivated in daily life?
10. What do you want people to know the most about your life with EDS?
11. When did you first start thinking that the dislocations/subluxation, extreme flexibility ect. could be related to a real problem?
12. Did your related diagnoses come before or after your EDS diagnosis?
13. What’s your biggest pet peeve about trying to explain EDS?
14. Has being sick impacted your relationships?
15. What were your initial thoughts about being diagnosed?
16. What healthy habits have you adopted since getting diagnosed?
17. How do you feel about your current treatment plan?
18. What do you think is the most misunderstood aspect of EDS?
19. What are your top things to pass time when you’re stuck in bed?
20. What is your favorite motivational quote and why?
21. What is your favorite piece of medical equipment that you own?
22. What things have you learned from being chronically ill?
23. What was your worst medical setback? How did you overcome it?
24. What was your worst encounter with a doctor?
25. What is the worst unwanted advice you’ve ever gotten?
26. Have you found books that have helped you cope with being chronically ill?
27. What would your coping advice be to friends or family of someone who’s chronically ill?
28. What is the strangest question you’ve ever been asked about EDS?
29. Do you think changes to your diet helped or contributed to your symptoms or the severity of them?
30. What has been your biggest outlet to help deal with being sick?
31. What are your favorite memories from EDS Awareness Month?


  1. Shared link on PainPals Monday Magic - Inspiring Blogs! I will also aim to do the zebra challenge!! C x

  2. Joining the challenge - although a bit late! I will go ahead and answer the first 6 questions today to catch up! You can find me at zebrawrites.com :)


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