Life Update 4/27 Post Op Appointment and More Psoriasis

Hello and happy Humira Thursday my lovely readers!

So yes I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon again and forgot to do daily updates through my recovery from surgery sorry. But here I am armed to tell you guys how I’m doing. So today specifically marks two weeks post op and I have my post op follow up with my surgeon in a couple hours. Hopefully he’ll clear me for lifting things and driving today so my mom doesn’t have to drive me to my appointments anymore.

(After my appointment)

So I did get cleared to lift and drive, as some of you might’ve seen on my Instagram post. But he told me not to go overboard. I can’t go back to doing everything at once or I’ll just end up hurting myself. And if you know me well enough, you know that I’m insanely accident prone and uncoordinated. But I am still a bit sore if I’m just sitting down working and I do still get some pain if I go over railroad tracks or other jerking motions like that. But the pain is under control with my standard everyday pain medicine, I don’t have to take the heavy-duty stuff that they gave me after my surgery.

In other news I think I have Psoriasis on a decent portion of both my calves in addition to the rest of the Psoriasis all over the rest of my body. But this isn’t insanely itchy it’s actually kind of painful. I’ve been trying to keep shaving my legs to a controlled minimum because I don’t want to irritate it anymore than I already have. And I’m also developing petechia around my eyes again not related to any actual trauma (getting hit by something). So I got a call into my dermatologist earlier as well and left a message on the nurse line asking them what I should do in my situation, and also asking if I should schedule another appointment to be evaluated.

I also had a pain management appointment this week but it was a simple in and out kind of appointment. Didn’t get asked very many questions other than they documented my surgery and my pain levels from what I can clearly remember about each day.

Really this was a rather uneventful week so far other than the new patches of psoriasis. I hope you all have a great weekend! <3


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