EDS Blog Challenge Day 13 What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve About Explaining EDS?

My biggest pet peeve about talking about EDS even at all is people thinking supplements will cure me. Sometimes people say ‘oh, well I’ve seen a collagen supplement you should take those and you’ll be good as new.” And that is most definitely not how that works at all. I mean I’m not completely against supplements, I still take them but they don’t do anything to help me.

And I try to explain that EDS is a genetic illness but more often than not people pay no attention to the bit of information either. There are so many things that I hear from people whenever I talk about EDS. From the standard ‘you don’t look sick’ to the insane ‘my aunt had that and she ate chicken bones everyday and now she’s fine’. It depends on who you’re trying to talk to and how receptive they are really. But there are those people that are actually great and can follow along with what I’m saying.

It’s even great when doctors that don’t know about EDS follow along with what I’m saying and don’t stop or judge me. But talking about EDS itself has helped me come out of my shell for the good and the bad of it all. If I didn’t have rare chronic illnesses I might not even be blogging right now or have written this challenge.  


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