EDS Blog Challenge Day 15+16

EDS Blog Challenge Day 15
What were your initial thoughts about being diagnosed?

When I finally got diagnosed it was a relief, but it wasn’t a surprise. For awhile I figured that I had EDS given my own history with dislocations and being flexible, as well as my moms history with the same symptoms. But finally having a doctor say that I have EDS was like having a giant weight lifted off of me. And it finally made my constellation of strange symptoms and diseases look normal. Getting my EDS diagnosis finally made things make sense. And since then I’ve been able to get better treatment from other doctors because they used to say I was faking or making up all of my symptoms but now I can prove that I’m not making it up.

EDS Blog Challenge Day 16
What healthy habits have you adopted since getting diagnosed?

I’ve been doing adapted stretches and exercises meant for people with EDS. But I can’t exercise everyday, I unfortunately get too tired if I do it everyday. I also try to do some Zumba on my Wii. And I’ve been eating differently, though I don’t really have much choice in the matter. My Gastroparesis has caused me to need to ingest Pedialyte everyday since I get so sick, if you don’t see me with a pedialyte in my hand then I’m probably in the hospital. Most of the things I eat usually are soft like oat meal but I’ve also mostly been eating baby food because it’s something I’ve been able to eat most of them time.

 I meditate a lot now too because after doctor appointments I just feel so hopeless and mad because my doctor appointments haven’t been going well at all and it’s been wearing me down. I talk a lot about my feelings too, to those who will listen because keeping it bottled up has been a problem because I don’t want to bother others when most people have a lot worse things to worry about than my problems.

EDS Blog Challenge


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