EDS Blog Challenge Day 17 How Do You Feel About Your Treatment Plan?

My doctors unfortunately don’t work as a team they just try to treat each of my body systems. Which I suppose isn’t bad but I do see a lot of doctors, so sometimes I wish we could have a group meeting and discuss everything at once. But the doctors I see most are my Dermatologist and my GI doctor.

Soon I’ll hopefully have a feeding tube to combat my worsening Gastroparesis. But before I deal with any of that I do have to have a CT Scan on my stomach to make sure I don’t have any kind of obstruction. Though my doctor isn’t thrilled that he has to say that a feeding tube is the last resort but it is and I just don’t have the ability to eat enough food and keep it down to maintain my weight. That is the most difficult part of everything I have to deal with as of right now but I’m hoping things will get better when I get my feeding tube. I know for sure that it will make me less stressed because I won’t have to worry so much about eating and trying to keep it down.

As of the rest of my doctors everything is fine in the rest of my body systems, at least for now anyway and I’m trying to stay hopeful.

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