EDS Blog Challenge Day 5 How I Adapted to my New Diagnosis

It took a little while to adapt to all my diagnoses in general, it’s been a rough couple of years. But my EDS diagnosis has been really freeing I suppose, because it explains so many of my symptoms and my other illnesses. My doctors no longer sit and wonder how I have so many rare illnesses because almost all of them are tied back to my EDS.

I have also learned to not expect as much from myself as I used to before my health went downhill. Everything is a battle, but I’ve learned to choose them wisely and just do what I can and try again the next day. I’ve also learned that braces and splints help me be in less pain, sometimes I get stared at for wearing six at one time but that’s just the way I have to live.

I’ve learned to become an advocate for myself; I challenge doctors and make them think. No concept of my care has ever been simple and I’m not letting doctors pass off any of my diagnoses or symptoms as nothing. Me constantly badgering my doctors has lead to diagnoses and surgeries that have improved my quality of life.

And because of my diagnoses I started blogging to document my life with chronic illness. I want to inform others, whether they’re sick themselves or if they’re a caregiver. I feel like I’ve given you guys a wide variety of information about my diagnoses and what I had to go through to get them. I’m hoping that I’ve helped at least one person throughout my time blogging. My main goal has been to help and teach others no matter what I have to do to help.


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