EDS Blog Challenge Day 7 My Top 5 Coping Tips

1.     When everything goes to hell take a bath. Get some nice bubble bath or invest in some Lush and soak while you gather your thoughts. It’ll also help with any pain and everything will smell fantastic.

2.     Join a spoonie/chronic illness support group and make some friends. If you can’t find any in real life, or if you can’t go out very much like me check the Internet and look for forums and Facebook groups. You might think that it might not be worth it to check around, but trust me it is worth it. Once you’re surrounded by likeminded people it’ll feel like a weight being lifted off of you. It’s amazing being surrounded by people that you don’t have to give in depth explanations to. And if you have a chronic illness and you run a blog about it then sign up for Chronic Illness Bloggers it’s an amazing group of bloggers that I’m proud to be a part of.

3.     If you’re feeling overwhelmed by things make a list of the things you have to do, then organize it by how much time and how many spoons you think it’ll take for you to do. Try to be productive on high spoon days and try to take your smaller tasks with you to bed, so you can still be a little productive on low spoon days.

4.     Take up a new hobby and find new ways to express yourself, find an outlet for your pent up emotions. Paint, draw, knit just try something new. Learning something new can keep you distracted on high pain days or when you’re stuck in bed.

5.     If you’re a knowledge seeker like I am when I’m stressed, Google your illnesses and medications. Learn everything you can about them you never know when the knowledge will come in handy. You could also make little cards for your medications, illnesses and allergies they come in handy if you’re in a flare fog and can’t communicate effectively.

EDS Blog Challenge


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