EDS Blog Challenge Day 9 How Do I Stay Motivated in Daily Life?

Welcome to Day 9 of the EDS Blog Challenge, today's post is about staying motivated in daily life. And I know that often times that can be really hard, but these are things I do to stay motivated and I hope that these suggestions can help one of you too. If you're just joining the challenge you can view my original EDS Blog Challenge post by clicking on the link below. Happy reading and blogging everyone.

1.     I make mini goals for the day, things that I should be able to accomplish in a day. I also change my habits everyday so it’s always different.

2.     I watch YouTube videos of things I want to do and break the tasks down into smaller parts.
3.     I have a Pinterest board full of motivational quotes and I read an couple quotes a day to stay generally motivated.

4.     I make lists for tasks that I’m supposed to do, big or small it doesn’t matter. It’s very satisfying being able to check things off of a list so you can see your progress.

5.     I always try to have something to look forward to, be it a bath or painting. Or talking with my friends, or writing a review for Chronic Illness Bloggers. Something big I have to look forward to is my friend will be having a baby girl in July, and I can’t wait to meet her.

6.     I escape from reality and read books that I can wholly immerse myself in. Find a long book series or grab a book from your to be read pile and dive in. A book break can help you come back and do tasks more quickly. Or you can bribe yourself with reading, if I do x and y tasks then I can read a chapter of my book.

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