PillSuite Review

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 

This is PillSuite, it allows you to create your own pill packets to help you stay organized with your medication. This is ideal if you’re going to be traveling or doing something where the average pill organizer wouldn’t be ideal. Or if you take so many pills that they don’t fit into your standard pill holder.

The PillSuite system consists of the round pill organizer that you fill with your medicine. You use the little funnel bit to easily be able to fill the Suites (little bags) instead of individually putting the pills into each Suite. My PillSuite came with two rolls of 200 Suites, which is way more than enough for me. And then the little green box on the far right is the sealer. After you’ve filled your little pack, you stick the end into the sealer and press the button for a few seconds and it seals your pack.

It’s incredibly easy to use honestly the whole process kind of reminds me of a Food Saver. Even with the reduced dexterity I have in my hands it is still okay to use. Though it did take me nearly twice as long to package up all my medicine than it would if I was just using my regular pill holder. And making little pill packets is great for me so I can more easily stash my as needed meds places where I often am the most.

And I have found that the plastic that the packets are made of is really durable. Packets can withstand being stored in my med pouch when I need them, but they are also biodegradable and you can write on the packet of what dose of medication it’s supposed to be with a Sharpie. Though they are a little difficult to rip open, so you might want to have something sharp on you.

For some I could see this being useful everyday, such as if you go to the gym everyday and take medicine/vitamins after a work out. Or just wanting to discreetly take medicine while you’re out if you’re always on the go. But for me it isn’t ideal to use everyday, though I do use it to store my as needed medicine. And it is also handy when I go on vacation, it’s much easier to transport little packets than my big pill holder and sometimes I could even be gone a little longer than a week.

Overall PillSuite is a good product though seems mostly intended for people on the go. And it isn’t particularly expensive the complete system is 39.95$ and 400 little bags is 9.95$. You can buy it from the PillSuite website or through Amazon.


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