What's in my Med Pouch?

So when you’re chronically ill you probably have your fair share of medical things that you have to carry with you. So I’m going to share with you what I have to carry around with me and give you ideas on some things that you could put in your own medical bag.


So first we have the pouch itself, I have another one I also use it’s black but it’s a little harder for me to find in the depths of my purse. It’s a really roomy pouch though; it has a zip pocket on the inside as well as two separate large pockets. And the pink is just cheery and less clinical looking.


My medicines I have to carry on me are

·      Reglan (pill bottle)
·      Pain medicine (pill bottle)
·      Sumatriptan Injections (grey box)
·      2 inhalers just in case one decides to not work
·      Domperidone (green and white box)
·      Eye drops

Galaxy Pouch

This contains odds and ends if I start my period while I’m out. Just your general pads, tampons and mini chocolates.


I always keep my Vogmask on me because I never know where I might end up in a day if I go out with my mom. I have a lowered immune system so I need it help prevent me from getting sick. It also keeps out allergens that make it hard for me to breath because of my asthma. And it’s Zebra print because why not? I’m not a fan of the ugly yellow face masks. I've also done a little experiment, I've worn my Vogmask around the mall at high traffic times and done the same with one of the standard hospital masks. I've actually gotten less odd looks while wearing my Vogmask than wearing a standard hospital mask. Maybe because my Vogmask looks less clinical? Honestly I'm not really sure but that's what I've discovered, has anyone else done this? If so comment and tell me about your experience. 

Cough Drops and Tissues

I’ve got a good supply of cough drops and tissues because someone I know might be sick and I can at least kind of help them. And I’m also prone to coughing fits because of my asthma as well. I try to take care of myself as much as I can.

Batteries and Hearing Aid Pouch
I have a hearing aid because I have diminished hearing in my left ear. So I always need to be prepared in case my hearing aid dies while I’m out. And I need my little white hearing aid pouch while I’m out too. I usually don’t wear my hearing aid in loud environments like restaurants and malls; the sound gets to be overwhelming.

Allergy Card

And most importantly I carry a little allergy card with me. I have mostly medication allergies to antibiotics but also adhesives and diuretics as well as gold and gold plating. But my antibiotic allergies are dangerous so I keep the list with me so no one accidentally kills me with penicillin. I also have my allergy list on my phone and my top three most severe allergies on my medical alert bracelet.

Options For Your Med Pouch

Again I know that people are different and it just depends on your illness, but these are mostly just general suggestions.

  • ·      Mini First Aid Kit
  • ·      Medicine
  • ·      Band-Aids
  • ·      Tissues
  • ·      Mini Scissors
  • ·      Emergency Phone Numbers
  • ·      Allergy Card
  • ·      Diagnosis List
  • ·      Salt Packets/Tablets (if you have PoTs)
  • ·      Alcohol Wipes
  • ·      Gauze Squares
  • ·      Neosporin Spray
  • ·      Lotion


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