Blogmas 2017: Christmas Eve and Present Game!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope the holiday festivities are treating everyone kindly and I hope everyone has some spoons to enjoy it.

Today I had Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family. Tomorrow on Christmas in the afternoon I’ll be having Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family. I have two Christmases because my Dad’s side lives two hours away from where the rest of us live, so a combined Christmas just isn’t really possible. And I think it’d be super weird because the sides of my family are total polar opposites.

I willingly got up early with my parents to make the two-hour trek to the area where my Dad’s side of the family lives. But I got up early because we actually stopped at my Dad’s friends house first. This was exciting because her and her husband breed miniature donkeys and horses. There were two babies that were born not that long ago that we got to play with. They’re so soft and fluffy I love them. And being the odd cat lady that I am, I made friends with their cat that apparently doesn’t like very many people. We also did a little present exchange with them and it was nice.

Them we moved on to my Grandma’s house where we always have our Christmas gathering. It was an okay other than I got to enjoy the always-awkward question that all Spoonies hate: ‘How are you?’ I didn’t sugar coat it, I feel like absolute shit. I’m on chemo; I don’t have the energy to sugar coat crap anymore. After awhile everyone just stopped asking thankfully. We sat and talked for a while until everyone was present, then ate lunch, though I could hardly eat anything unfortunately. Currently I feel like an overfilled balloon fit to burst.

After we all ate it was time to play the present game, it might have an actual name but I don’t know what it is, if anyone knows please enlighten me.

First we took a head count and wrote numbers on a slip of paper so 1 to X. Then you jumble the slips of paper up in a cup and everyone draws a paper. The first couple people are usually unspokenly obligated to open a present. So people have the option of either choosing a present to open, or stealing someone else’s present that they opened. If a person takes a present three times, then the present is theirs and they’re out of the game. And the game usually goes on like that for a while, but as soon as the last present is opened then the game is over. Sorry if the instructions are a little vague but that’s just how we play the game.

And my Aunt got me a stuffed hedgehog, because if you know me, you know I love anything hedgehog related. So he’s found his home up on the headboard of my bed.

It wasn’t a terrible day, I’m just really exhausted and stressed out. This is the most social interaction I’ve had in awhile, other than going to the hospital for my rounds of hydration and vitamins for my Gastroparesis. But with that, I’m off to lay down. I hope you all have had a great day and I hope you all have enough spoons to make it through whatever festivities you all have planned for Christmas.  


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