Blogmas Day 1: Chronic Illness Gift Guide

It’s the first day of December so this marks the first day of Spoonie Blogmas 2017! While I’m not one to really be a big Christmas person, I’m hoping that Blogmas will help me to start feeling festive. So let’s kick Spoonie Blogmas off with the always important, Chronic Illness Gift Guide. I’m hoping I’ll give anyone who has a chronically ill friend or loved one an idea of what items to get. So let’s get started!

(All the Amazon links are affiliate links meaning I’ll get a little bit of money from Amazon for each purchase. But it is at no extra cost to you in any way. Also none of this is medical advice.)

1.     A heating pad

Those of us with illnesses like Fibromyalgia or other illnesses that cause chronic pain or muscle spasms can benefit from heat. A heating pad is one of the easiest ways to get the heat therapy where you need it in a very timely manner. This is the Sunbeam Dry/Moist Heating Pad, one side of the heating pad has soft material so it doesn’t irritate the skin. I have this exact heating pad and I love it, it heats up quickly, has an auto shut off feature in case I fall asleep and a decent length cord. Get this Heating Pad here.

2.     Epsom Salts

This is a bundle of my two favorite Epsom salts. I use the Spearmint and Eucalyptus salts for baths during the day. They’re also useful if you have a stuffy nose or any other “normal people illness”. It also helps me when I have bronchitis and it’s hard to breathe. The Lavender salts I use to wind down and get ready for bed if I take a bath at night. And soaking in either of the salts helps with muscle spasms and pain in general. You may want to ask the person you’re buying this for if they have any sensitivities to it. Get this Epsom Salt Duo here.

3.     Lush Twilight Bath bomb and Soap
Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight Shower Gel

The Twilight Bath bomb and Shower Gel are two of my favorite Lush products. Both are gentle and good for your skin and they just smell plain fantastic. I've had great success with both products helping me get to sleep at night. Both products are also good for anyone who absolutely loves the smell of lavender.
You can get the Bath Bomb here and the Shower Gel here

4.     Soft socks

I have many pairs of soft fuzzy socks; a lot of us with chronic illness suffer from circulation issues. This means we’re always stuck with cold hands and/or feet and this could even happen in the middle of summer. And there’s something about fuzzy socks that’s just comforting and cozy. These also have the anti skid bottoms so you won't slip and fall on slick flooring. You can get this set of socks or check out a variety of different colors and patterns of socks here.

5.     Wedge Pillow

Another common complaint of people with chronic illness, especially if they have any sort of stomach issues is acid reflux. Being inclined helps with that, less acid reflux could also reduce nausea and vomiting. Also with certain lung conditions it’s difficult to lay completely flat in bed such as Acid Reflux, or if you develop Bronchitis I have found that it’s easier to breathe if you lay propped up. You can get this pillow here.

6.     Homemade coupons

Homemade coupons are one of the more thoughtful gifts someone could give to a loved one with chronic illness. They could range from sitting and watching a movie with someone you don’t see often, to having help doing things around the house. Because of living with chronic illness, we don’t have a lot of energy to do as much around the house as we would like to and help is appreciated. There are plenty of things to make coupons for, just get creative with it.

7.     Some relaxing tea

This is Lavender and Chamomile tea comes in K-cup form and in regular teabags depending on your loved one’s preference. This is a really good tea for anyone with troubles sleeping. And it’s really good with lemon in it so you get a good dose of vitamin C too. For any fellow insomniacs, try drinking this tea for a while. You can get this tea in K-cup form here.

8.     Essential Oils and a Diffuser

This is definitely for anyone that wants to add a more natural component to his or her medical plan. I would recommend that you or your loved one talk to a doTERRA Advocate, or anyone like that, that sells essential oils. They will be able to guide you or your loved one through the world of essential oils and help them pick out oils that will help the most for their specific conditions. As for diffusers it all depends on how much money you want to spend on one, there are so many different kinds that I’m leaving it up to you or your loved one to pick it out. We all have different tastes.  


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