Blogmas Day 2: Blogger Gift Guide

Happy Blogmas Day 2 folks! Today I’ve made for you a Blogger Gift Guide! Nice and full of funny and practical gift ideas. I must say I was pretty amused when I was looking through things to make this gift guide.

(All Amazon links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small amount of money from your purchases. Though it will be at no additional cost to you.)

1.     A Planner

Being a blogger we have to stay on top of blogging schedules. We make them to stay on track with posts throughout the year, as well as any reviews that we may have to do by a certain day. Obviously planners can be used for anything, but those are a few of the reasons why I always keep a planner on me. You can get this planner here.

2.     Cat Desk Organizer

Purr-fect for anyone who loves cats or cute office supplies. I myself need a organizer to keep my pens, sticky notes and all my other small office supplies in one place. And it just keeps everything more neat so you aren’t losing things all the time. You can get this adorable desk organizer here.

3.     A Canva Subscription

Canva is a photo editing website to make any sort of title picture for a blog post. You can do a lot of things for free, but there are a lot of things that you can do with a subscription. And besides a good title picture can result and a lot more views for that post.

4.     Elephant Phone Holder

This handy little Elephant will hold your phone and some of your pens too. And it might make it a little less likely that you’ll miss an important phone call or text if you have the screen tilted towards you. And you always need a little more space to hold pens. Get this cute phone and pen holder here.

5.     Blogger Mug

You always need a few funny blogging items to make work a little more fun. So if you’re having a bad day, just make a mug of tea and take a few minutes to unwind. And it's basically a mini pep talk in mug form. Your blog post will still be there when you’re done with your tea or other drink of choice. get your pep talk mug here.

6.     Blogger Shirt

Because sometimes you need a little humor to cheer yourself while working. Or use it as a big universal sign to your friends and family that you’re working and might be a bit frazzled or not in the best mood. Or you could even use it as a little self-promotion. Get this shirt here.

7.     A Flash Drive

Blogging for some is the way they earn their living. We can have our computer locked up all nice and tight but, computer viruses happen, computers break, people hack into accounts, so we have to back up our files. Flash drives or external drives are the best safety measure so we always have all our files. That way we can quickly restore our entire blog without too many problems.

8.     Comfy Pjs

Sometimes we bloggers can just go on a blogging spree and write several posts so we’re prepared for a few days to a few weeks. This means we’re firmly connected to our computer or other blogging device and have turned some space into a ‘blogging cave’. Obviously we’ll need a lot of comfy Pjs to get us through those days when we’re nonstop blogging.

9.     Gift Cards

If in the end you still aren’t sure what to buy for the blogger in your life, when in doubt buy a gift card. Either an Amazon card or one of those Visa cards you can load with money. That way they can buy whatever they need.


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