Blogmas Day 4: My Favorite Ornaments and Why

It’s Blogmas Day 4 everyone! Is it me or has this month been really flying? I swear this year has went by so fast I don’t even remember half of it. All my medical stuff has just gotten all squished together into one big catastrophe. But this post will let me share a little more of myself with you guys and I’m happy about it. Today I’ll be talking about my two favorite Christmas Tree ornaments.

So first we have my little gingerbread man ornament. I made him all the way back in preschool and he still smells like cinnamon. I love cinnamon things when they aren’t overpowering to piss off my Asthma. Anymore I don’t remember actually making him, it really just connects me to the feelings of being little and everything just being so big and wonderful all the time. And also back to times when I wasn’t as sick as I am today. When I take him out of the ornament box it just makes me happy when I know he still smells like cinnamon. He might smell like cinnamon forever honestly, not that I would mind at all though.

If you know me or have read some of my past blog posts, you will know that I lost my best friend in a car accident four years ago. It’s still really hard for me to cope with no matter what I do, but I’m trying just one day at a time. Holidays are the hardest, collectively because I’ve lost a lot of loved ones in the last couple years. But I made a whole series of ornaments when I was in Independent Art Study my senior year of high school. I wanted something that could keep me close to my friend on the holiday that he always tried the hardest to make me smile for. And even though it’s with a heavy heart, I do smile every year.

The way I made the ornaments for my friend is I put little squirts of acrylic paint into the bulbs. Then I put in the tiniest amount of water from the sink and shook it around. Then tipped it upside down to let all the excess paint and water drain out of it so it could dry completely. Each time I did this I got different patterns in the paint and it was a really fun project to do. I did do some with other colors but those are packed away so right now I can’t show them to you.


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