My 2018 Resolutions

So I’ve had a few days to think about what I really want my Resolutions to be, that I’ll be able to accomplish realistically. If you saw yesterdays Instagram post (1/2/18) you may already know what one of those goals is.

1.     Be able to do all my own port care! That’s right folks I’m finally getting a port, it’s taken over a year to get my GI Doctor to agree to placement but it’s finally happening! I’m super excited for placement and to begin doing home infusions so I can do everything so it will be a better fit for my life and I’ll be able to infuse and multitask at the same time. I’ll be infusing Banana Bags 3-4 times a week to get the vitamins that I don’t get from eating actual food. I know this is a long road that I’m starting to take, but the journey and the learning will be with it in the end.

2.     Finish my online schooling and do my externship. I’m in online schooling to become a Pharmacy Tech. My schooling has kind of gone on the back burner with all my appointments I need to keep at the hospital infusion center. Though once I get my port placed I will be back at it and finishing what I need to learn to be able to go on and do my externship hopefully at my local Walgreens. Since I’ll be able to infuse and work, I won’t need to worry about all that too much I just have to be mindful not to get my infusion line snagged on anything.

3.     Once I build up my strength again I want to be able to get back into doing my Physical Therapy exercises. Right now with my general lack of nutrition because of my Gastroparesis, I’m really tired and unable to do much of anything. I try to do small things around the house when I’m able to, but it’s still difficult.

4.     I hope to begin blogging on a regular basis again to some degree. With my trips to the hospital infusion center, on top of regular doctor appointments it’s just been hard trying to juggle everything. I’ll try to get on a regular posting schedule again probably 1 or 2 posts a week depending on how I feel hopefully. I’ll be doing a series of port related posts once it’s placed though the date is still to be determined. When in doubt if your looking for updates check my Instagram first.

5.     I want to work on learning more Japanese. Going to Japan is one of my life goals and has been since I was about twelve I think. I watch a lot of anime when I’m stuck in bed or at the hospital, so it’s helped me pick up words and phrases here and there. And I can read the package labels of my favorite candies. I can speak some Japanese as well, which I sometimes use when I venture out to some of my local Japanese markets for lunch or dinner.

 So there are my goals for the year I know there are only five of them, but those are the things that are at the front of my mind right now. And if anyone has any tips about life with a port and infusing and working please leave them in the comments, I’ll take any advice I can get.


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