Benepod Pain Relief Review

This product was given to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review though that in no way influences my opinion of the product. Nor am I a medical professional, so if you have concerns or conditions that might be affected by this product talk to your doctor. This blog post also contains affiliate links meaning I will earn a small amount of money from your purchase, but at no additional cost to you.

So today I’m going to be talking about the Benepod, it’s a pain relief device that uses hot and cold at once to block pain. The sensation it creates is called thermal grill illusion. This happens because your body can’t tell the difference between the hot and cold stimuli, which means it can mask or even eliminate the pain for a little while.

I’ve been trialing the Benepod on my pain for several weeks now and I was quite happy to find that it works very well for my pain.

In the package it comes with the Benepod unit, a USB cable and wall plug, as well as instructions. It’s compatible with USB products like external batteries you use to charge your phone. Once you plug the Benepod into power it will begin turning on, on it’s own you don’t have to do anything. There’s a green light next to the plug for the power cord that will blink as it’s turning on and then it will stay solid green when it is ready to use. The top part of the Benepod is a fan so you have to make sure not to cover it up while using it or it will overheat. You also have to use the charger that the Benepod comes with or it won’t work.

Be aware

You also shouldn’t use the Benepod on fresh injuries, you should wait at least 72 hours. Also don’t use it on open wounds or fresh surgical sites, also make sure where you’re going to use the Benepod doesn’t have any bruising or swelling either.

The Good

So I actually really like the Benepod it helps my pain a lot. I’ve been able to use less of my pain medicine. One round with the Benepod and I get a few hours of relief, though keep in mind this is just my experience. I’ve also had better results with this than I have with TENS units, yes it’s a different kind of device but it might be something to try for those who aren’t having much success with TENS units. The Benepod is also quite small so it can be convenient to take around with you even with a cord. 
It’s helped me with pain related to my feeding tube, which has been great since I have had a bit of pain because of it. I’ve also had some success using it on my right Sacroiliac joint. I’m still experimenting using it on different pains, but those are the two most persistent pains I have currently. 

The Bad

Even though you can plug it into a external battery like one you charge your phone with, it would still nice if you could charge the Benepod up and then use it so you are messing with cords all the time. It would also be good if there was a low/medium/high option to break you into the sensation of the Benepod. Honestly the sensation is really intense, it’s supposed to be to block out the pain, but having the option of a less intense sensation at first may get more people to stick with using it.


All in all the Benepod works great for me and I’m beyond happy with it. Even with it’s drawbacks I’ll definitely keep using it to control my pain. So you have the option of buying it from the Saringer website or off of Amazon.


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