Health Update (9/9/18) I'm Back!

Hey everyone sorry I’ve been gone for so long without really saying anything. I just really needed to take some time away for a bit for my mental health. I was really running myself ragged trying to keep posts up on a regular basis and everything, but I’m back and ready to get on track with regular posts again. And I do have a few things in the works that I’m super excited about, but it’s going to remain a surprise for a little while longer but stay tuned. But here we go on to today’s post.

So this is just a general update about my health that I’ve been avoiding doing for a while.

So in August I had an increase in bruising, bleeding more easily and just generally feeling more crummy than usual. I thought my platelet count was just low because of the chemo I take to suppress my immune to help with my Psoriasis, it happens periodically so I wasn’t too concerned. I emailed my Rheumatologist and asked for a lab order to check everything out, and that isn’t uncommon for me to do either because he trusts my judgment. In the end those labs came back really messed up, I can’t remember all the values but it was pretty messed up. So he needs to run more labs because I’m showing symptoms and have lab values consistent with Antiphospholipid Syndrome. It’s an illness where my immune system attacks certain proteins in my blood and causes issues with clotting. For now we’re waiting for me to get well enough to do the lab work for it.

The reason why we’re waiting on the labs is because I’ve been normal people sick for a while and it’s been really frustrating. First off I got the flu so I’ve felt pretty awful from that and I had to get Tamiflu at Urgent Care. For whatever reason, the night before I went to urgent care I was up most of the night hallucinating and wondering around my room. I remember bits and pieces of things I did but I don’t remember why I did them, honestly from what I can remember it was kind of like I wasn’t in control of my body. Then after the flu (at least after the worst of it) I got bronchitis and had to go back to urgent care and get medicine for it. All in all I’m getting better slowly but surely.

I’ve also started another round of Physical Therapy. I’ve been having issues with my hips/legs dislocating more frequently, and my Sacroillitis is also flaring again so it’s been pretty bad. I’ve gone 6 times now we’re seeing a tiny bit of improvement in strength and pain but still I have a long way to go. My therapist is hoping we can stretch out the PT days I have now to the end of the year and be able to just keep going to when they renew at the beginning of next year.

Then I also went to my pain management appointment last week and we switched to different and stronger pain medicine because I was in so much pain that it was getting difficult for me to function. Pain management honestly kind of makes me feel guilty for needing new/stronger medicine. But I was on my old pain medicine for a fairly long time before I started having issues that my body adapted to it. I’m trying not to let it bother me because I’m trying to do what is best for me and do what will help me function better.
And then later this month I’ll be seeing my GI doctor, neurologist, Rheumatologist and possibly my Dermatologist. I’ve got a busy month ahead of me, but I’m trying the best that I can.


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