Seed of Creativity (A Health Storylines Challenge)

Hey everyone, so here we are at the end of November and I can’t believe we’ve made it to the end of the year. So since it’s now really wintery out for most of us, I thought we’d do another simple challenge that everyone can do with minimal effort. I also want to point out that I’m not a doctor/therapist and this post isn’t supposed to replace a treatment or replace seeing an actual professional, I just wanted to help people be more creative. 

I actually picked a challenge that was originally posed to me by my Art Therapist at the hospital where I get my infusions. (She also gave me permission to use this challenge to help others.) And I chose making art for this challenge because Art Therapy promotes expressing your emotions and getting them out there more in the open and it could help you be able to express things that you might not have known you needed to express or deal with. And art is just fun, I want people to have some fun with all my challenges that I make for you guys.

Art Therapy could also potentially help with
-Motor skills
-Increase a sense of independence, self reliance and self sufficiency 
-Increase awareness of person, time and place
-Improve communication skills/thought expression
-Reduce stress
-Be a source of distraction from treatments and pain

And while Art Therapy is beneficial to different groups of people (children, teens and adults) in slightly different ways, it still mainly boils down to being able to express yourself freely. 

Types of Art Therapy

And this isn’t a complete list of Art Therapies, just ones that I’ve done personally. I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of different therapies that you could try if you really wanted to look into it.

And now grab a piece of paper and some colored pencils because for this challenge we’re going to draw. And it doesn’t have to be the best drawing ever just do the best that you can.

So here I have a little seed in my hand, and you guys need to draw what you think is going to come out of it if I were to plant it in the ground. Though it doesn’t necessarily even need to be a plant, because what really matters is that it’s the seed of an idea. Something to hopefully get your mind thinking creatively. It could be a plant, a person or even a whole world.

And try not to give it too much thought, try to be as spontaneous as you can. Also don’t be too hard on yourself if it does’t turn out perfect or exactly as you want it to be. I think I suck at drawing so I’m not going to judge you for it, really just try to have fun with it. For my drawing I tried to draw a cheery scene with some Cala Lilies and mushrooms.

In all I hope you guys have fun with this challenge because I did when I did it. If you want to, tag me in your pictures you do for this challenge on social media, use #sshealthchallenge on social media or tag me directly @spoonie_speaks on Instagram and Twitter.

Also consider downloading the entirely free Health Storylines on Android or iOS, it has lots of cool features to help you keep track of things related to your life and chronic illnesses. Click Here to sign up for a free account. 


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