New Years Resolutions (A Health Storylines Challenge)

Since it’s the new year, and it’s never too late for New Years Resolutions I challenge you to work on your resolutions or come up with new ones.

This may seem difficult but a way I try to do resolutions is to try to conquer one resolution at a time. Or if possible, try to do one a month if you can manage it. I know some resolutions will be ongoing or take longer than a month to complete, but it’s easier to do them one at a time rather than try to do all of them at once. And if you do them all at once then you never really fully accomplish any of them.

The resolutions don’t need to be super elaborate, but challenge yourself to try at least one new thing this year. Maybe you could try learning to knit or setting a book reading goal. I also want you to do one resolution you’ve tried to do repeatedly, but couldn’t accomplish before. 

For example my continuing resolution is to learn Japanese, I’ve been at it a long time. And while my skills are improving, I still don’t feel confident in my reading ability. For something new I’d like to learn would be crocheting. I like loom knitting scarves for people, so crocheting seems like the next logical thing to learn. And I set aside time everyday to sit down and work in my language workbooks as well as watch youtube videos about crocheting. Though I probably won’t start attempting to crochet until next month or so. 

In the (free) Health Storylines app, you can use it to make lists of things you need to do so you can easily check things off as you complete them. You could also improvise and use the pill reminders as activity reminders. I challenge you to download the app, and start working on your resolutions. Try to set aside 30-40min each day just to do your resolution, or watch videos if you’re learning how to do a craft. 

If you can’t think of any kind of resolution I thought of a small list

-Learn to do a craft (knitting, sewing, painting)
-Learn a language that interests you
-Write some short stories and let people read them
-Be more consistent with exercise
-Be more creative
-Do random acts of kindness
-Spend less time on social media

-Read more books/set a reading goal 


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