It's Nap Time! (A Health Storylines Challenge)

So it’s the end of March another month has flown by, I’m late I know but life has been really hectic and I just had surgery. But hey at least I’m still trying to get things done. 

So since I’m currently recovering from surgery, I’ve been napping a lot and that’s what this challenge is all about! 

This month I challenge everyone to just take it easy and have a nap. I often have a nap because about part way through the day I just hit a wall, I just get so sleepy that I have to have a nap. The only exception is if I’m out and about doing things that I know will keep me awake. But more often than not you’ll find me asleep somewhere on any available flat surface. 

Benefits of Napping!
  • Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes and accidents
  • Scheduled napping has been prescribed for narcolepsy patients
  • Napping has psychological benefits or seen as a “mini vacation"
  • Regular short naps help lower stress which decreases your risk of heart disease
  • Improved mood

I do have a schedule for my days though it’s not all just napping. In the morning on a day I’m not at the infusion center, I work on blog related things in the morning, then work on a craft depending on how I feel, then I take a nap around two and wake up around five and then take it easy the rest of the night. It’s a pretty simple schedule, but it’s what works best for my body. So I’m not saying you absolutely need to nap at X time, just fit it into your day where you can. But I think it’s best if you create a loose schedule to follow.

If I can’t take a nap for whatever reason I try to just sit or lay down and meditate for awhile. It’s not as effective for me as napping but it helps me relax, especially if it’s a day when I’m dealing with stiff muscles or muscle spasms. It helps me focus on something else and relax my muscles and give them a break.

But no matter how you nap it’s still helpful for your health. and if people say you nap because your lazy or “have nothing to do” try to educate them more on the benefits of napping. This article from the National Sleep Foundation and this article from the Mayo Clinic might help.
So if you choose to accept this challenge, share your nap routine with me using #sshealthchallenge and you can also tag me on Instagram as well @spoonie_speaks

You can sign up for a free Health Storylines account here, then download the app from your App Store and sign in. 

For this challenge you can use the Fatigue Manager to keep track of unusual (out of the normal) fatigue so you can report it to your doctor. You could also use the Journal and Health Routine Builder to keep track of how you feel after naps and to make them a part of your day.

There are also a variety of other tools you can use to manage your health than the ones I’ve mentioned. There are also some illness specific tools as well so check it out!

Happy napping everyone! 


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