Staying Comfy on a International Flight

Going to Ireland will be my first long international flight, but I’m no stranger to long flights in general. I’ve flown a variety of places, some of the longer ones include Las Vegas and Washington State before my health declined. I’ve learned to keep things like my headphones, iPad/book, snacks and meds within easy reach.
I learned the hard way that I need to keep meds within easy reach. The last time I flew, the whole plane ride I was nauseous and in a lot of pain but couldn’t get to my medicines. Since we’re also flying overnight, I’ve already sorted out one set of night and day meds so it’s not a huge issue when I need to take them.

I’ve also invested in a very nice neck pillow too. It looks like your standard neck pillow but has a raised inner edge so your neck can’t flop over to the side. It’s also made with memory foam not beads so it’s easier to get comfortable. 

Also always wear comfy clothes on a plane like sweats or leggings. Looking nice on a plane isn’t worth it when you have the button on your jeans digging into your stomach for umpteen hours. Or if you must you could try to ‘dress up’ a pair of leggings with a cute top or sweater. But if you’re like me and don’t care what you look like on a plane, wear a t-shirt under a hoodie or zip up jacket, that way it’s easy to take off if you get hot.

I would also recommend you make sure you have plenty of books packed or downloaded on your Kindle/iPad to pass the time. Also if you have Netflix or Amazon Prime/Video, take advantage of the ability to download shows and movies to your device. For example I downloaded one and a half seasons of Lucifer and the latest season of Sabrina. Or if you have a show you’ve really been eyeing save it for the trip! But the plane you’re flying in may also have small TVs built into the back of each seat. I’ve only ever seen them once when we went on a family vacation to Hawaii when I was very young though.

I’m personally taking my iPad and Kindle with me because I can watch videos on my iPad and have my Kindle just for reading. If one devices dies, at least I have the other as backup. I might be a little over prepared with packing, but I’m afraid I’ll get bored or something will go wrong.  

Make sure all your electronics you’ll be using on the flight are fully charged, because nothing sucks more than a dead device. I try to keep all my devices plugged in until the very last minute and then switch them into airplane mode to preserve battery life. I also have an external battery that I take everywhere with me, but my iPad and kindle don’t think that it’s a valid device so it only works on my phone.

Though while we were on the plane we didn't notice that there were USB ports to charge your devices, but there aren't any normal wall plugs. If you have anything that needs charged with a wall plug try to do it during your layover if you can. In airports there are wall plugs and charging stations so don't worry about it too much.

I charged R2D2 (my feeding tube pump) during our layover and there wasn't an issue. But I did get some weird looks because my backpack was almost fully unzipped because it's hard to reach his charging port without unzipping the bag. Also to make things easier I changed my feed set (the bags that hold my formula and water) before we went to the airport so I wouldn't have to change it in a gross airport bathroom. If possible I recommend you change things like that before you go to the airport so it's one less thing to worry about.
This is all the advice/opinions I have on staying comfy while traveling, though I might make a follow up post after the whole trip is over. I hope this is helpful to anyone that’s traveling. 😃 

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