Ways To Stay Cool This Summer! (A Health Storylines Challenge)

Hello everyone, here we are again with another Health Storylines post!

So for most of us it’s summer and it’s hot as all hell. I’m in Ohio and we just got out of a super humid heatwave, it’s been awful. And I know a lot of people have heat sensitivity/intolerance making the summer time a bit more tedious than it is for most people. 

First I’d like to start off by talking about my own heat sensitivity.

So the first time I distinctly remember having problems is once when my dad took me to King’s Island when I was a kid. We were waiting in line for a ride, I don’t think it had been a long wait. I had started to feel nauseous and bit dizzy, but my dad had encouraged me to keep moving around a bit to keep blood flowing. Eventually I felt like I was going to either throw up or pass out, so my dad and I eventually bailed out on that ride before it was out turn. He let me run around through the water park and filled me full of soda, after that I felt better. That was the first time I really grasped that heat made me feel sick. 

Then the worst time I’ve had issues with the heat was back in senior year of high school. Our Art Club was in charge of something called Community Day. It’s where we give back to our community, we spruced up things around our town from various residents and businesses that put in requests. Our big thing we had to do that day was to do landscaping for one of the older residents. We’d gotten a lot of the work done, I had started to walk off towards a tree but my vision went all weird and went grey. Then according to my friends I collapsed and wouldn’t wake up, I was out for a guesstimated ten minutes. After I woke up my teacher forced water in me and my friends drove me home.

So here’s a couple things I recommend to stay cool in the summer heat.

  1. The first and most obvious way to help stay cool is drink water! It’ll help keep you cool and hydrated. You can also drink sports drinks or pedialyte to stay cool and help replace electrolytes. Though I wouldn’t recommend putting cool drinks through a feeding tube because that could cause intestinal spasms.

  1. If you’re staying outside awhile or doing something out in the heat get a cooling towel or wrap. They generally stay cool a pretty long time and it’s not something you have to be super mindful of either. You can buy one on Amazon here.

  1. Stay in shade and have a hand held fan. It might not be super cool but the moving air definitely helps. Always be mindful of shady spots as the day progresses. 

I hope you guys enjoy what’s left of summer and don’t forget to wear sunscreen and apply more every few hours! Check your medications to see if any of them specifically make you sensitive to the sun. A couple medications off the top of my head include antibiotics and anti nausea medications. 

You can sign up for the Health Storylines app here and then download the app from your app store and sign in. You can use the app to keep track of things like, what medications you take make you sensitive to the sun.


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