I'm Engaged!

So as you’ve seen over the last couple blog posts that I went to Ireland and it was an absolutely amazing trip that I’ll never forget. One of the final places we went to was the Titanic Museum in Belfast. This was the part of the trip that I was excited for the most. When we got off the bus and I got into my wheelchair, I was pretty much jumping out of my skin I was so excited.

But because I was so excited to see the museum, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Jonathan was acting strangely. And the Titanic Museum being a huge tourist attraction, at the front door you have the option of taking pictures at a green screen. We got our picture taken and we stood there smiling a minute more because Jonathan’s dad was behind the camera lady taking pictures of us.

And Jonathan suddenly asked me if I’m having a good time and obviously I say yes I am and he just starts smiling and said well it’s about to get even better.

And in typical me fashion, I just stare at him in shock and cry as he got down on one knee and opened the ring box. I didn’t exactly give him much time to say anything because I just kissed and hugged him while I cried. Then when he put the ring on my finger I cried even more.

Eventually I noticed that our bus driver/tour guide had Jonathan’s Dads phone which had my mom on FaceTime. But the building had really poor cell reception and poor wifi connection so I’m guessing the quality of that video call was probably crappy. But even though my mom couldn’t be there physically,/ I know she would’ve crawled out of the phone if she could.

After I finally stopped crying (for the most part), I hopped back in my wheelchair and we headed into the rest of the museum. I tried in vain to call my cousin and sister the cell service and wifi sucked throughout the museum. So I just laughed a little as we were going along, and kept looking up at Jonathan because he was the one pushing me and said hello future husband. And he would say hello future wife.

I think everyone in the entire building knew that Jonathan proposed, workers throughout the museum kept saying congratulations. Side note, they were also very courteous about my wheelchair too. 

We had checked out a decent chunk of the museum and it had gotten close to the time we had to meet back up to get on our tour bus. First we decided to go over to the place where you can pick up your keepsake pictures. We had expected to have to pay a lot of money for the pictures, because as the proposal was happening the picture lady continued to take pictures and I really wanted them. But as soon as they saw us, they put a big gift bag in my lap that had all the pictures in it. I immediately asked how much it was going to cost but they said it was already taken care of.

Once we got back on the bus our tour guide/bus driver announced over the speakers on the bus that Jonathan proposed and everyone said congratulations. Now I am a introvert, so when this happened I nearly wanted to melt into my seat.

After that we stopped at a wall where people signed names or initials or really anything. Continuing with our Titanic filled day, I like the scene where Jack does his little speech about making each day count. We signed the wall with ‘make each day count’ along with our initials and the date.

After that we headed on to our final meal stop. We went to a place called The Glyde Inn, earlier in the day we picked what we wanted to eat, from a list so it was a lot easier for the stuff to bring us our meals. Jonathan got some sort of fish dish which he didn’t really like. I got chicken and it was delicious though I couldn’t eat all of it. After we ate a band played for us and everyone was full of alcohol. We all were singing and it was a really great time. 

After awhile of singing and being merry, the band called Jonathan and I up to the front of the room. They sang us congratulations and gave us a strawberry shortcake. I’m very certain that, that was our bus drivers doing.

It was just a really nice night and I was sad that we had to go home. But this was the best trip of my life and I’m really thankful that I was well enough to go. And I’m happy to be marrying the love of my life.

We’re going to get married on Halloween in 2021, the actual ceremony will be more Fall with light Halloween touches. Then the reception will be nothing but Halloween decorations. I also hope to have a black wedding dress so I can be the Halloween queen that I am. Guests will also be allowed to wear Halloween costumes but they can wear normal clothes if they really want to. I’ve also gotten all my bridesmaids asked and I’m really happy about it.

That’s about as far as we’ve made it with any actual concrete plans. I feel like this might do a number on my health once planning is full swing though. But I guess we’ll just wait and see. 

Also here are a couple of our engagement pictures for those who might not have seen them on Instagram

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