Health Storylines Challenges

So everyone, this post is about one of those new things that I hinted about at the end of my last blog post. I’ve been chosen by Health Storylines to be a Self Care Ambassador. Health Storylines is a free app where you can track a variety of health goals with the journal feature, as well as track things like your exercise, general symptoms, migraines and other illness flares. Trust me for one app you really can do a lot with it and it’s really easy to use. My job and goal is to motivate others to take better care of themselves, and just be more proactive with their self care in general.

Once a month I will be posting a health challenge here on my blog, the same blog post/challenge will also be shared on my social media. The challenges themselves won’t be particularly difficult, though I will try to think of a couple alternative challenges in a post when incorporating things like eating into a challenge. I want people with all levels of functionality to hopefully be able to participate. I know there are a lot of people like me that can’t eat very much, if any food at all. The challenges could be anything from trying to replace an unhealthy snack with a healthier snack for a week and track your progress with the app, to journaling in the app every night before bed.

The challenges will be ‘active’ for a week, meaning that’ll be actively talking about them. But if you get behind you can still make up a challenge when you’re able to. The main (longer) post will go up on my blog and summarized versions will go up on my Twitter and Instagram. When you guys work on doing health challenges, share pictures and tweets about your progress and feel free to tag me in the post. I will also be using the hashtag #SSHealthChallenge. Also use the hashtag #selfcareMVMT for your posts on social media.

You can use this link to sign up and download the app: 

  1. Challenge 1 Hydration is Good
  2. Challenge 2 Hobbies for Mental Health
  3. Challenge 3 Meditation for Wellbeing
  4. Challenge 4 Reading as an Escape
  5. Challenge 5 Seed of Creativity
  6. Challenge 6 A Very Spoonie Christmas
  7. Challenge 7 New Years Resolutions
  8. Challenge 8 Journaling for Everything
  9. Challenge 9 It's Nap Time
  10. Challenge 10 Medication Adherence
  11. Challenge 11 Crafty To Be Read Jar
  12. Challenge 12 Subtle Self Care on a Plane
  13. Challenge 13 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

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